Local Focus


Pray for our Christmas Variety Show this Saturday. Pray that more people will come and invite guests. Pray for those that will be participating to perform well. Pray that everyone will experience the joy of Christ as we fellowship and celebrate the Christmas season.


Pray for those in our area who will experience Christmas without loved ones for the first time or by themselves. Pray that God will raise up Christians around them to encourage and uplift them. Pray that those who are experiencing  sadness will hear and understand the message of the gospel and have reason to rejoice.


Pray for the work of various ministries and churches that provide food and clothing to needy families. Pray that God will grant them the resources to make an impact. Pray that the meeting of physical needs will open the door to Jesus meeting their spiritual needs through the gospel.


Pray that God will thwart the LGBTQ+ movement in our country. Pray that biblical reasoning will prevail in the making, upholding, and enforcing of laws. Pray that Christians will develop a heart for people who identify as LGBTQ+ and that they will pray for them and share, with clarity and compassion, the truth of God’s Word.



North American Cities:
New Orleans

The city has long been on the hearts of Southern Baptists. At the founding of the convention in 1845, Southern Baptists started their Board of Domestic Missions (now NAMB) in part to reach the city of New Orleans. But despite the long-term presence of Southern Baptists in the area, New Orleans has only one Southern Baptist church for every 7,252 people. That’s four times higher than many state conventions in the South. Evangelical adherents make up only 11.6 percent of the population.

Pray for Atlanta Send Missionary, George Ross. “A church planter and pastor, George has devoted his life to sharing the gospel. With an M.Div. in evangelism and church planting from Liberty Theological Seminary, George serves as the Send City missionary for New Orleans. He has a passion for leadership development, discipleship, foster care and adoption and practicing hospitality. Through church planting and relief ministry, George believes New Orleans, long known as the “city that care forget” will become the “city that God transformed.” George and his wife, Joy, have six children—Isaac, Hannah Ruth, Abigail, Jeremiah, London and Rueben. “

Let George know you’re praying for him by sending him a sending him a message!

Every Country: Bahamas

Population: 345,736
People Groups: 10
Christian Population: 94%
Evangelical: 36%

Over eighty-six percent of the nation’s nine million citizens are practicing Bahamians enjoy religious freedoms, with the majority of the population being Christian. Wealth and material things have become extremely important in Bahamian culture and have contributed to a rise in crime – mainly armed robbery and petty theft. Standards of morality have decreased, especially more births out of wedlock and drug use. While the majority of the people claim to be Christian, fewer are committed to the Church, and many churches lack pastoral leadership. The people need spiritual guidance and encouragement to continue the Lord’s work and to minister to the younger generation and the Haitian refugees.
Pray for:

  • Pray for a hunger for God’s riches rather than material wealth.
  • Pray for righteous lawmakers who will not neglect the poorest residents.

Unreached Peoples:
Algerians in Czechia

Population: 500; 32.6 million worldwide
Christian Population: 0.30%
Main Religion: Islam

Today, virtually all of the Algerian tribes are Sunni Muslim, with most belonging to the Malikite branch, even those in Czechia. In theory, they believe in Islam’s “Five Pillars,” but some modify them. For instance, many are very casual about prayer. Some Algerian tribes view the giving of alms as being an unacceptable tax by the Muslim establishment.

  • Pray for Scripture Prayers for the Algerians in Czechia
  • Pray for God to call out prayer teams who will begin breaking up the soil through intercession
  • Pray for a revival to stir Kabyle Berbers in Czechia to share their faith with others
  • Pray for a Disciple-Making movement to emerge in the community