Local Focus


Pray for our upcoming Christmas Variety Show. Pray that those we invite to join us will come and that those who are not connected to a church will be drawn to our church    family and that the lost will be drawn to salvation. Pray that everything will come together smoothly and God will be honored by our efforts to build relationships that strengthen the church and lead to the gospel.


Pray for Lake Cares and other local food/helping ministries. In this season there can be great need, pray that they will have the resources to meet all the needs that come to them. Pray that through the volunteers and the meeting of needs God will be shown as their Provider and their Savior.



Pray for churches around our state as they prepare for various Christmas outreach efforts and presentations. Pray that there will be much fruit. Pray that those who hear the gospel will give their lives to Jesus. Pray that those who have been disconnected will join a church family. Pray that many will experience the joy and hope that is the Christmas story.


Pray for our active military at home and around the world. Pray that God will protect them as they serve. Pray that God will comfort families that will be facing Christmas without their mothers/fathers/children. Pray that God will use chaplains and Christians to join around them and show them the compassion and love of Christ.


North American Cities:

With a diverse population of more than 5.7 million, Atlanta has become the unofficial capital of the South and one of the most influential cities in the United States. Despite its location in the Bible Belt and abundance of megachurches, the city lacks life-giving communities of believers who are invested in specific neighborhoods and actively meeting practical needs. Home to the world’s busiest airport, a budding film and television industry, a sporting mecca and an outpost for most Fortune 500 companies, the city of Atlanta has become a major player on both local and global levels. Thousands of students attend universities within the city, and a growing international community contributes to the more than 100 languages spoken in the area.

Pray for Atlanta Send Missionary, Tim Wolfe. After planting churches in Texas and Georgia, Tim and his wife, Pam, moved to Midtown Atlanta, in 2002, to plant their third church. Tim graduated from Palm Beach Atlantic University and earned a M.Div. in biblical languages from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He helped develop Urban Atlanta Church Planting, and served at NAMB’s headquarters in Georgia. Tim loves spending time with Pam and his three adult children, as well as a fourth child God brought along later, and sharing life with both believers and people far from Christ. He loves anything to do with the ATL; Sunday night slices of pizza at   Vinny’s with his bride; the Dolphins, Giants, Gators, Falcons, Braves, Hawks; working out and the beach.

Let Tim know you’re praying for him by sending him a sending him a message!

Every Country: Azerbaijan

Population: 8.9 million
People Groups: 40
Christian Population: 2.7%
Evangelical: 0.2%

Over eighty-six percent of the nation’s nine million citizens are practicing Muslims. While the Azeri constitution grants everyone the freedom to worship, religious institutions are still required to register with the Azeri government in order to    congregate, and religious literature must be approved before publishing. Less than three percent of the population are followers of Jesus, and because Christianity is frequently associated with Russian imperialism and Armenian enmity, Christians are often harassed by law enforcement, threatened by heavy fines, and forced to avoid congregating because of the inability to adhere to strict regulations.

  • Pray for God’s love to be proclaimed in the dozens of towns and villages which have never heard the Gospel.
  • Pray for enduring solutions to conflicts with Armenia and Russia.

Unreached Peoples:
Avar in Azerbaijan

Population: 53,000; 838,800 worldwide
Christian Population: 0.01%
Main Religion: Islam

The Avar carry many amazing ancient cultural strengths, capped by their intense sense of honor; however, one strength not found in Avar culture is grace. The absence of grace—i.e.  forgiveness, tolerance, mercy, the Fruit of the Spirit—has left the Avar vulnerable to intense cycles of violence on many levels. Present-day Dagestan is beset by increasing cycles of violence between Muslim power factions—squelching trade, tourism, and economic well-being. Hope of grace is springing up among the Avar. There are now more than 50 Avar believers. The New Testament has been completed in the Avar language, as well as Genesis, Proverbs, Ruth, and  Jonah.

  • Pray for Scripture Prayers for the Avar in Azerbaijan
  • Pray for the new believers among the Avar