we believe there is more

Here at Grand Island Baptist Church, we believe there is more to life than living for ourselves with a day-to-day perspective. We are living for Jesus with an eternal view in mind. God has a plan for you, which begins through a relationship with Jesus Christ. He died for your sins. It is our prayer that you have accepted His gift of eternal life and are living for Him daily.



The Lord has been working in this body since 1992, and we see the effects of His presence! Yes, we’ve seen buildings rise and budgets increase, but the most important part is the people. Each week, we see more and more people giving more and more of themselves to see God’s work done in the Grand Island area. Teachers, ushers, greeters, singers, servers, and a host of others have put their gifts together to serve the Lord in all we do. We’re not the perfect church, but we may be the perfect church for you and your family. Our staff and leadership are here to help you in any way we can. If you have needs or questions, please let us know so that we may respond in the most helpful way possible. 

Expository Sermons

Our faith is rooted in the living, divine Word of God. Our story of redemption, the greatest love story of all time is found right here in scripture. We choose to navigate this story through an expository preaching style, which means digging into a book or portion of the Bible verse by verse. We believe this allows us to deepen our understanding of the beautiful yet complex living word.


Blended worship

Here at Grand Island Baptist, we intentionally bring variety into our worship by including different styles of music, including traditional hymns and more contemporary worship songs. We believe this allows us to connect to the different generations within our congregation as we glorify our God in our worship.

Church for all ages

We believe the church is meant to be made up of individuals of different ages, different walks of life. We have ministries for our young children all the way up to our senior adults. We encourage fellowship within one's own age group, but also across all generations, that we might resemble the diverse family of Christ.


What's the deal with the big cross?

GIBC did not use any ministry money to build this cross. Not a dime. We could never afford to build something like this! The cost of the construction of this cross was paid by someone else. For this we are thankful. 

It reminds us of something else…It reminds us that we did not pay the debt owed for our sins. The Bible teaches we cannot pay for our sins, because we cannot be perfect. Thankfully, it is by GRACE we have been saved, and our debt has been paid. The cost of our sins has been paid by someone else, when He died upon a cross. His name is Jesus. We believe, we see this cross, and we are thankful.

Click here for a video about how the cross made